ACSA Benchmark Report 2021 - Proposed Rate Changes and Modifications

On April 29, 2021, the Amherst County Service Authority(ACSA) was presented with a 2021 Benchmarking report that evaluated ACSA's utility rates. This benchmark compared ACSA water and sewer rates and fees to those of similar size and type Virginia county utilities and service authorities.

 Findings included:

  1. ACSA's residential water bill is lower than 7 of the 13 non-Municipal Service Area (MSA) utilities.

  2. ACSA's bills and rates from which it is calculated are exactly where a business should want them...not overcharging or creating a burden for low and fixed-income households

  3. ACSA's connection and availability fees are in between both CCUSA and BRWA

  4. ACSA's sewer bill is 2.9% lower than the average of 15 non-MSA entities.

As always, ACSA's staff will do everything possible to hold down costs, while continuing to fulfill our primary mission of public health, safety, environmental protection, and economic growth.

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