VA 811 (Formerly Miss Utilities)

VA 811 (formerly known as Miss Utility) coordinates the marking of utility lines in order to prevent them from being damaged during digging, excavation or demolition work. Everyone, including homeowners, is required, by Virginia's Underground Utility Damage Prevention Act, to call VA 811 (1 (800) 552-7001) 48 hours prior to beginning such work.

To have utilities identified, call the notification center, and provide them with your name, the location of the proposed work, the name, address, and phone number of the person who will be digging, and the type and extent of proposed work. The notification center will then contact all of the utilities that may be affected. These utilities will then go to your property to mark their lines. Marks are good for 15 working days from the call to the notification center.

To assist utilities that will be marking your property, use white paint or flags to identify the area in which you intend to dig.

Once you have called the notification center you will need to wait up to two (2) full working days, beginning at 7:00 A.M. on the day after your call, for the utility owners to mark their lines. If you provided an email address when you called, you will receive an email that tells you when all the utilities have marked their lines or that you do not have utilities in the area of the evacuation. You may also call the ticket information exchange system at 1 (800) 552-3120 to check the status of marking before you begin your work.

If you happen to notice clear evidence of an unmarked utility line call the notification center back to report this. The utility operator will mark those lines within three hours.

As you dig, be sure to respect the marks and only had dig within two feet of either side of the marks. Should you note a red mark, this indicates an electric power distribution and transmission line. Yellow marks gas, oil and petroleum lines. Orange identifies telecommunication systems including cable television. Blue indicates water lines. Green marks sewer lines.

Occasionally even when all reasonable actions have been taken damages or disturbances to an underground utility line may occur. Should this happen, immediately notify the utility. For water or sewer lines, contact ACSA at (434) 845-1605 or 434.384.1979.

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